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Freedom For All

When I was a music manager, I met an amazing singer from Jamaica. Her voice can make a room go completely still. Her obvious talent was something to be exploited for good.

When I spoke to her about New York, you could see the joy in her eyes. I knew her through her father, cousin, and other family who all already were thriving in America. They knew I was passionate when it came to working with artists and wanted me to help her succeed. 

I am no stranger to managing artists, but I encountered a new issue. Visas and the type of Visas there are. I had no clue about the restrictions placed on visitors and immigrants alike. As a 8-year member of The Recording Academy, I am proud to say the music industry is full of people who enjoy nothing more than to shatter glass ceilings and remove barriers.

I booked her first show during her temporary visit in New York City. However, instead of her being able to enjoy the butterflies of performing, she was concerned whether or not it was okay and legal for her to perform to begin with. 

Too often we overlook issues because it does not affect us. However, when we do a deep dive into the issue we can discover just how it can affect us. I will continue to push legislation to increase access to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and improve the quality of life for people who want to simply be here for the opportunities we do have to offer the world.

Committee to Elect Tim Turane
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