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Reasonable Transportation Alternatives

I have no idea why we call it the "dollar van" today, but I do know why we opt to take them. They seemingly run every 2 minutes. They drop you off on the closest corner. If you're a nice person and a frequent rider, they'll even wait for you if they see you running.

This is called community. However, due to the actions of few, the Dollar Van, Dollar Cab, and local car service has been on the decline. 

It is expensive to operate, but driving Dollar Vans and other forms of transportation can be both lucrative for the driver and beneficial to the community. How do we increase the interest in the service? We remove fears of deportation by increasing access to citizenship. We do not have to sacrifice security to make the process easier. Simply hosting weekly workshops and partnering with existing government agencies will allow more drivers to drive LEGALLY! 

I also want to launch an application for our district that will keep the money circulating in our neighborhoods, decrease wait times for transportation, and increase fairer pricing for riders.

Committee to Elect Tim Turane
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