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Moral Ad Campaigns

Many ads are created for a specific message. It is similar to the video below.

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Did it reduce drug use? That depends on who you ask. People who were below 7 years old in the 80's may recall not intending to do drugs in the 80's. We also lived during the 80's and therefore did not need a fried egg to demonstrate how bad drugs were to the human body.

Still, research has proven outreach, out-of-home advertisement, campaigns, and other forms of messaging does improve the chances of people avoiding a harmful product.

I propose we begin to advertise to our own community. Ads would encourage children to avoid poor behavior and demonstrate the lasting effects of poor behavior. As this messaging increases visibility, we should see an increase in education success, school attendance, and participation in community activities.

Adults who are ultimately good-natured would also be driven by the ads. It is my belief they will get involved through volunteer work or entrepreneurship.

Many of our morals are under attack by people who want to push their selfish agendas. We are a community with our beliefs as well. Why should our beliefs be sacrificed? I urge you to help me take back our community with action!

Committee to Elect Tim Turane
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