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Keep Families Together

Family court matters are long processes that can take up to a year or more. In that time, noncustodial parents lose precious time with their children during their formative years. This leads to trauma and anguish in the children and the parent.

Too often do referees, court officers, judges, and attorneys cite isolated incidences of negative behavior and criminal intentions of individuals and apply the rationale to everyone.

The amount allegations allowed to be introduced in a proceeding without any credible proof is astounding. The primary issue with family court is the win/loss environment. Attorneys are trying to win a case. If you are a concerned parent like me, your children aren't for gambling. Fighting for the right to see and be a productive member of your child's life is not a win or lose situation.

I will propose legislation that will improve how judges and referees oversee family matters. I will also propose that family court is no longer referred to as family court. The word "court" in my opinion must be improved.

As a marketing specialist, re-branding is common when the name is tainted. The word "court" is tainted with fear, brutality, disproportionate, and divide. 

If you have any issues with family court, please email us and share your stories. We cannot assist you with your case, but we can create a coalition to help improve a necessary system.

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