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Affordable Housing for Who?

Do we enjoy the amenities of in-home washer and dryer, doorman, and central air? Do we want to have a 5 minute walk to the train to get into the city? Do we want to have these things without having to sacrifice 75% of our pay check to have them?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, you are in need of affordable housing. What is low-income nowadays? A person with a college degree, 2 to 3 years of work experience, and lives on their own may have bills that look like the following:

1. Rent: $1500

2. Cable/Wifi: $75

3. Food: $300

4. Phone: $120

5. Transportation: $160

I will stop there. This is $2,155 per month in bills. At a salary of $45000 per year they are bringing home $1,730.76 before taxes. After taxes the number is between $1100 - $1300. This leaves the employee with about $445 per month to participate in extra-curricular activities, emergencies, and paid self-improvement programs. 

Many people reading this now are probably calculating their bills in reality. Many will conclude  they never have extra money with one job. This is the importance of affordable housing. 

Promoting home ownership is great, but not everyone wants to own a home. Those that do, don't necessarily want to rent out a portion to afford the home. We must stop presenting ideas that fit someone's personal narrative of how to improve everyone's economic situation without presenting ideas that support more common, now solutions for residents of Southeast Queens.

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