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This page features my positions on issues relevant to our community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and you may expand to learn more about my stance. I developed these issues after speaking to many members of the community.

Freedom For All

Undocumented immigrants take a risk every single day to be a productive member of our society. This should not be. The constitution is clear that people in the United States of America's jurisdiction are afforded the same rights as naturally born citizens. We must work hard to keep families together and help to encourage people to participate in our government through fair practices. (Read More)

The Black Agenda

People work so hard and spend an exorbitant amount of money to gain the Black vote. Yet, rarely do candidates introduce a Black agenda. I look to bring issues that plague the Black issue to the front of city politics. (Read More)

Reasonable Transportation Alternatives

You ever had to wait for the bus. You ever thought about your elderly mother or grandmother waiting for that same bus coming in from church. It honestly bothers me when I hear my mother say she had to wait 30 minutes for a bus that is scheduled to run every 10 minutes. I would love to drive her around to every appointment and church meeting myself, but that's not reality and safe, efficient transportation is a right.  (Read More)

Affordable Housing for Who?

Do we enjoy the amenities of in-home washer and dryer, doorman, and central air? Do we want to have a 5 minute walk to the train to get into the city? Do we want to have these things without having to sacrifice 75% of our pay check to have them?

(Read More)

Moral Ad Campaigns

When I was growing up, the hours I spent watching television was monitored by my mother. Today, everything is media and it has become increasingly harder for parents to monitor the media their children consume. Security protocols may add an additional layer of control, but does not completely eliminate negative messaging that influences our children. I am proposing moral ad campaigns. (Read More)

Keep Families Together

Family Court is an essential part of families who no longer communicate effectively. According to the website, the vision of family court is to protect the rights of families and children by ensuring the just and timely resolution of all matters brought before the court. 

It will be my goal to make sure they actually carry out that vision.


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